Readers Theatre Repertory’s 12th Season Launches With A Love Letter to its Audience

When it comes to the RTR family,” says director Mary McDonald-Lewis, “we’ve got so much to be grateful for.”

Since the fall of 2001 audiences have supported Readers Theatre Repertory with steadily growing attendance, and the company is saying “thanks” with its September production, With Love from RTR.

Ariel Bright by Katherine Long and Blood Bond by Gina Barnett are the tales McDonald-Lewis chose for the purpose. “Ariel Bright is an unlikely meeting between an undertaker and a desperately shy woman, and Blood Bond explores an unusual relationship between a child and her housekeeper,” she says. Both stories center on the tender, dangerous journey of hearts toward, and away, from one another.

Love takes many forms, says the director. “We love the stories we’ve produced these past 11 years, and we’re happy our audience wants to conspire with us in the telling. This is our way of saying ‘It’s September. Come on home to RTR. We’ve got a story or two for you.’”

Director’s notes
Welcome home to Readers Theatre Repertory, friends!
This is my favorite time of year.Autumn is so often considered solely a harbinger – the first tick-tock of a slowly dying clock. Of rising chill and gathering dark as the star stories arching above us – the charioteer, little dog, big bear and swan – wheel into winter, there to muse on death and endurance and the hope of return.
But pause here on this threshold for a moment, and consider a different tale. Autumn turns us from the obvious – Sol, and brazen nature – to the mysterious. We move into rooms; we close windows; we consider our provender and pantry. We turn inward to ponder life and our place in it. If we are fortunate, we might consider love as well. Of another, of motherland, of the chum by the fireside with the thumping tail.
So while Spring may bustle bossily with blossoming hope, and Summer’s fratish bacchanal might tempt; while Winter threatens to undo us and demands near Calvinistic stoicism – Autumn invites us to breathe, to take stock and to savor. And it asks us to be grateful for it all.
I hope you pause for your Autumn, and in that small quiet time that you consider your own life; find it well and truly good; and that you embrace the opportunity to give deep, fullhearted thanks. – Mary McDonald-Lewis

Hayley Rousselle and Ithica Tell in Blood Bond by Gina Barnett

Hayley Rousselle and Ithica Tell in Blood Bond by Gina Barnett

Brian Harcourt and Ithica Tell in Ariel Bright by Katherine Long

Brian Harcourt and Ithica Tell in Ariel Bright by Katherine Long

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