Challenging the Status Quo, Facing Loss, and Finding Faith at RTR

Peer Review by Ethan Coen and Dissonance by Craig Pospisil take center stage on October 12-13 at Readers Theatre Repertory in its production of Loyalty and Loss. Directed by Jason England, both plays, he says, “are very personal to me. It has been a year of loss, with family and friends passing away, and loss of job. These intimate stories encompass both events.”
In Peer Review, Elliot is a cubicle-dweller whose reluctance to go with the flow alienates his colleagues, causing unexpected consequences. Dissonance finds Tricia’s loyalty challenged after she returns home to deal with the death of her mother, and collides with Fitz, her mother’s prodigy and former piano student.
England says in a challenging personal time, he found help in these plays, alternately witty, biting and sweet. “The plays are about the curves that life throws at us, where—and in whom—we place our faith, and what we really, truly need to survive it all.”The cast includes Christy Bigelow, Ian Denny, Brad Bolchunos, and Marvin Gray
Director’s Notes by Jason A. England
“I’ve never really been one to express my feelings, especially when a great loss occurs. Friends and family come out for support and try to tell you they understand what you are going through, but the truth is everyone grieves in their own way. There are no easy fixes and it’s a process that everyone has gone through in their lives. However, I hold out for that light at the end of the tunnel, whatever it may be.  Without that light, I don’t think anyone is really able to move forward. The plays I have chosen this month are a way for me to release some of the emotions that have been lingering in my mind this past year. I dedicate this play to all of those I have lost this last year. Thank you for always supporting my dreams.  I also dedicate this to all of my friends at my day job.  Never stop chasing your dreams.  Sometimes being kicked out of the nest is the only way you will learn to fly.”

Christy Bigelow, Jason A. England, Brad Bolchunos, and Ian Denny in Peer Review

Christy Bigelow and Marvin Gray in Dissonance

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