Truth and Lies, Mamet-Style

A little-known play by David Mamet was Readers Theatre Repertory’s homage to the darkening season on October 9-10, in an evening called MAMET AND MISFORTUNE. Guest director Micki Selvitella staged “The Shawl,” an examination of the elusive nature of truth… set in a psychic’s den.

Selvitella has had her eye on this project for many years, and felt RTR’s intimate stage was the ideal setting in which to tell the tale of a woman desperate for answers, the “seer” eager to provide them, and his unscrupulous cohort. “Mamet really likes to tear open our souls,” said Selvitella, “just to see what makes us tick. In that way, this is classic Mamet.” Missing from the piece is another Mamet staple, though: swearing, and violence.

“The violence all takes place in the interior,” said Selvitella. “In the heart of this grieving woman, and to her hopes. To me, that makes the story all the more painful, and the unexpected outcome even more interesting.”

The cast included Tim Jaeger and Elizabeth Young, among others

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