New Work from Pacific Northwest Playwrights at Readers Theatre Repertory

April is originals month at Readers Theatre Repertory, which this year staged NORTHWEST PREMIERES featuring “Grey Reflections” by Connie Bennett, “In the Bag” by Brad Bolchunos, “Preaching to Fish” by William Gregory, and “Delgado’s Mask” by Mark Saunders. Bob Martin, Mary McDonald-Lewis, and Wendy Wilcox direct.

The company members agree it’s important to stage made-in-Oregon work. “So often, playwrights can’t find a stage in their own city” said Wilcox. “Portland is all about ‘localvores.’ We think the same thing should apply to the arts.”

Subject matter ranges from age and youth to WW II-era art theft; from plays with noir twists to quirky love. Director Martin said “It’s a real glimpse into the kind of storytelling Oregon is good at. Original, surprising, and often offbeat.” Blackfish Gallery, with its intimate setting, serves as the ideal incubator for the new tales.

The cast included Greg Alexander, Otneil Henig, Gavin Hoffman, Sadie Medley, and Chrisse Roccaro.

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