Local Playwrights Premiere at RTR

April is “originals month” at Readers Theatre Repertory, with FRESH NORTHWEST this year’s offering on April 10th and 11th. This year the company wanted to focus on regional playwrights, and an extensive call for entries attracted work from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and other locales. Two plays were selected, and “Pete and Petey” by Gary Rogowski and “Little Vixens” by Dalene Young were directed by David Berkson and Bob Martin, respectively.

“The Pacific Northwest has a rich literary culture.” said Martin, “Whether it’s novelists, poets or playwrights, this region is incredibly fertile.” Added Berkson, “We’re committed to encouraging new works, putting them center stage in our company.”

RTR accepts original one-act submissions year ’round, but always produces original work in April. “Spring is such a time of new growth, especially here,” said Berkson. “We hope our production, Fresh Northwest, will be a kind of harbinger of great new work from the region.”

The cast included Georgia Cacy, Jane Clark, Benedict Hermann, Andy Hillstrom, Megan Murphy, Ana Reiselman, Amy Veltman, and Jonah Weston.

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