Funny Female Playwrights Featured at RTR

Readers Theatre Repertory battled the onset of the darker months with WOMEN ARE FUNNY THAT WAY on October 10-11, featuring “Tattoo Girl,” by Naomi Iizuka, “Anything for You” by Cathy Celesia and a monologue, “Audition,” by Jane Martin from “Talking With,” all directed by Wendy Wilcox.

“There’s not a lot of good news these days,” said Wilcox, “so I wanted to provide a kind of antidote to lift our spirits.” Wilcox also wanted to show off female playwrights, and share with RTR’s audience just how smart and hilarious these writers are. “They so much more than that,” Wilcox said. “This is humor with a sharp heart; comedy with soul. It makes the laughs that much more poignant and genuine.”

The cast included Marsha Allen, Elizabeth Garrett, Chris Porter, Jake Rossman, Todd Tolces, and Jonah Weston.

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