Southern Playwrights Debut in the Pacific Northwest

On April 13, Readers Theatre Repertory imports original one-acts from the South, with New Plays from the New South, directed by Bob Martin, Mary McDonald-Lewis, and guest director Jason A. England.

Plays were submitted from nearly every state in the South. The final five chosen for staging are Looking for Our Town by Hank Kimmel, Possessed by the Past by Raleigh Marcell, Homeland by Raymond Mcanally, September Tenth by Vynnie Meli, and Bobby Hebert by Brett Williams.

“After many seasons of staging local writers’ work, we wanted to explore regional differences,” says McDonald-Lewis. “And several of these plays address issues specific to that part of the country.” The company found that universal themes also play a part in each story, but still, says McDonald-Lewis, “there’s a distinct feeling… a cultural underpinning that sets these stories squarely in the South.”

The cast includes Dalene Carroll, Colleen Heidebrecht, Caitlyn Larimore, Colin Murray, Nasir Najieb, Randy Patterson, Rick Sanders, and Robert Wylie.

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