Race and Relations, Set to a Blues Tune

On January 12th and 13th, Readers Theatre Repertory explores bigotry and the blues in San Antonio Sunset by Willy Holtzman. A story of legendary musician Robert Johnson and the famed San Antonio Sessions, the evening is themed “Black and Blues,” and stars David Meyers and noted musician Victor Morris as Johnson.

“No one knows what happened in that crummy hotel room in 1936,” says Mary McDonald-Lewis, director, “except that seminal music from an incredible man got made, and captured on primitive recording equipment — music that still influences artists, and touches audiences, today.”

“San Antonio Sunset” explores the three-year relationship between Mr. Johnson and Mr. Stone, the A&R man who’s come to record him. Like the blues itself, says McDonald-Lewis, “this is a dark tale of desire, luck and lost opportunity.” More than a biography, though, she adds that this is a story about race, “and how it continues to deny the best of us to each other.”

Robert Johnson’s music will be featured in the production, along with contributions from poets and other musicians on the bluesman’s life.

The cast includes David Berkson, David Meyers, and Victor Morris.

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