Little-known Gems Star at RTR

On November 10th and 11th, Readers Theatre Repertory will play the theatrical version of the flip side to old 45s. The evening, themed “B Sides,” features Eukiah by Lanford Wilson; No Skronking by Shel Silverstein; The Case of the Crushed Petunias by Tennessee Williams; andVariations On the Death of Trotsky by David Ives.

Director Matthew Martin says “All four of my plays have a similar underlying theme — an exploration of the naiveté of the human condition.”

Whether looking too closely or not closely enough, Martin says, what matters most is often missed. Referring to the plays, he says “Whether it’s a woman who has surrounded her house, and her heart, with petunias and refuses to look outside that, or a lonely person at a diner searching where he shouldn’t be searching, these characters all face the risk and the reward of seeking past the obvious.”

Like finding a great song on the B side of a record, Martin calls the pursuit “the true experience.”

The cast features Jamie Miller, Josh Rengert, and Devin Van Domelin


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