Twenty First Century Armageddon Debuted RTR’s Expanded Company

On November 11th and 12th, Readers Theatre Repertory introduced its two newest company members, David Berkson and Wendy Wilcox. Wilcox directed Caryl Churchill’sFar Away, along with Maya Angelou’s The Rock Cries Out to Us Today as her first production with RTR. “The idea of Armageddon holds a dark attraction and deep repulsion for me,” says Wilcox.” “Far Away speaks to the very global disconnect that could create an Armageddon. It asks the question, ‘How far away are we from the reality presented in Far Away‘”

Both Wilcox and Berkson are long-time actors now living in Portland after having their own theatre companies in the Bay Area. Wilcox says she is “very excited and grateful to return to what I love best — telling stories through the art of theatre.” Berkson is slated to direct later in the season, and is especially interested in RTR’s emphasis of the literature of theatre. “These are intimate evenings that bring the written word to life,” he says. “I’m looking forward to my first show on our stage.”

November’s cast included Jordyan Didlick, Gil Luna, and Mary McDonald-Lewis

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