RTR Celebrates its 5th Birthday with “Fifth Season: Five World Premieres”

On April 14th and 15th 2006, Readers Theatre Repertory commemorates 5 years of storytelling with “Fifth Season: Five World Premieres,” directed by company members David Berkson, Bob Martin and Matthew Martin.

Five plays by four area playwrights were selected from an extensive competition:Cap, by Francesca Sanders; After, by Elena Hartwell; Schtick Contest and Days of Pines and Roses by John A. Donnelly; and TEOTWAWKI by Jo J. Adamson. This is the world premiere for all five plays.

“We read close to fifty plays, and felt these five really represent a fine cross-section of Oregon’s writers,” says director Bob Martin. Adds Berkson, “The one acts run the gamut of theme and style, from realism to post-absurdism; from Trivial Pursuit to the Holocaust. They genuinely demonstrate the extraordinary variety and depth of local writers.”

April is traditionally RTR’s “original” month, focusing on first works. In April 2007 the company plans to stage new plays from another area in the U.S., introducing regional playwrights from other parts of the country to its audience. But as director Matthew Martin says, “We wanted to spend our fifth birthday with Oregon playwrights and their stories, brought to life by the incredible Northwest talent on our stage.”

Cast members include Caren Graham, Benedict Herrman, Caitlyn Larimore, Sherilyn Lawson, Bob Martin, Rebecca Nachison, Josh Rengert, and Rick Sanders.

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