Six in Sixty

On April 15th and 16th 2005, three of Readers Theatre Repertory’s company directors will take on “I’ve Only Got Ten Minutes,” a series of 10-minute plays. Plays selected include The Scene, by Rachael Parenta, I Like Your Shoes by Dale Alan Cooke,Forgiveness by the Book by Sandra De Helen, You Can’t be Happy Once You’ve Played Judas, by Francesca Sanders, The Ghost in the Mensa Closet, by Ginny Foster, andMouth Like Gin by Alex Gagne-Hawes. Playwrights hail from Portland, Los Angeles, and New York.

Director Jamie Miller says “These plays may be short, but in a way that makes them even more impactful.” Matt Martin, also directing in April, agrees. “They really pack a punch,” he says, “maybe because so much story takes place in so little time.” All three directors are looking forward to working with these original productions.

The cast features Shannon Day, Joslyn Erickson, Gil Luna, Randy Patterson, Devin Van Domelin, and Frank Woodman.

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