Memories of Miller

On May 13th and 14th 2005, Readers Theatre Rep will concluded its 4th Season with “Memories of Miller,” a salute to legendary playwright Arthur Miller who died February 11th, 2005. Some Kind of Love Story was the play chosen by director Matthew Martin to honor Miller.

Dubbed “An excellent, powerful play” by The Guardian, Some Kind of Love Story is classic Miller: desperate, all-too-human characters, both fragile and dangerous, bound together in extraordinary circumstances. Martin says “While the story may be large with drama, the struggles are intimate, and ones we all face late at night, whether we admit it or not.”

Written in the early 80’s the play “shows Miller at the height of his prowess,” says Martin.

The cast consisted of Adair Chappell and Ron Richardson.

This was the last production of the company’s fourth season, which both RTR and Blackfish Gallery have deemed another success. The gallery’s artist/owners are among the growing audience, and Blackfish is excited about hosting the fifth season there.

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