On September 12th and 13th 2003, Readers Theatre Repertory launched its third season with What She Found There , by John Glore and Hit and Run , by Joseph Hart.

“Both of these plays feature lost souls trying to connect with each other in some way,” said director Mary McDonald-Lewis. “That includes a young woman who claims to be about 135 years old from the other side of the Looking Glass, and a baseball player hoping for one last game.”

McDonald-Lewis said the evening’s theme, “Connections,” is also the theatre’s way of re-connecting with its audience after the summer break.

The show featured Wright H. Brumfield, Nicolas Burilini-Price, Lisa Lewis, and David Meyers.

Hit and Run

Wright H. Brumfield and David Meyer in Hit and Run

Hit and Run

David Meyer and Wright H. Brumfield in Hit and RunHit and Run

Lisa Lewis and Nicolas Burilini-Price in What She Found There

What She Found There

Nicolas Burilini-Price, and Lisa Lewis in What She Found There

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