Love and Marriage According to Anton Chekov

Anton Chekov’s The Bear and The Proposal took center stage at Readers Theatre Repertory October 14-15, in its production, “Battle of the Sexes, Chekov Style.” The production was directed by Wendy Wilcox.

Staged originally in 1888, The Bear is a passionate power-play between a grieving widow and a demanding debtholder, culminating in a duel. The weapons: pistols and a pair of mesmerizing dimples. “Chekov might as well be writing today,” says director Wilcox. “His influence can still be seen in work by Neil Simon, Aaron Sorkin, and other modern playwrights.” In 1890 audiences went wild for The Proposal, a fast-paced farce, modern in its sensibilities and timeless in the tug-of-war between the hypochondriac lover and the hot-tempered object of his affections.

Wilcox says, “This is a chance to rediscover how contemporary and funny Chekov is, in two rarely-seen one acts that I think are some of his best work.”

The cast included Bobby Bermea, David Bodin, and Jamie Rea.

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