RTR Wraps It’s 10th Season with Laughs from the Lapin Nagile

Picasso at the Lapin Agile” by Steve Martin closes Readers Theatre Repertory’s season, directed by Bob Martin. “Our May shows have been pretty serious for the past several seasons,” says Martin. “I figure we could use some laughter right about now.”

Life imitates art in this production, with Blackfish Gallery artist Paul Missal creating the painting that is the show’s centerpiece especially for RTR’s production. The company has made Blackfish Gallery its theatre home for ten seasons.

The play combines two of Steve Martin’s passions: art and science. A hilarious debate between Einstein and Pablo Picasso, spiced with an appearance of a mega-rock star from the future, the story is told in classic Martin style: smart, chaotically humorous, insightful and thought-provoking. “And funny,” Bob Martin emphasizes. “It’s damn funny.” Described as a kind of intoxicating cocktail of disciplines, the playwright says “I think the creative process in art and science is very similar. You have to forget all the rules and start shaking things around.”

The cast included David Berkson, Jason A. England, Danielle Larson and Phillip Orazio, Mary MacDonald-Lewis, and Ian Denny among others.

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