April Showers Bring Pacific Northwest Premieres to Readers Theatre Rep

For its April production themed Playwrights of the Pacific Northwest, Readers Theatre Repertory stages its shows on THURSDAY and FRIDAY, a one-time switch from its traditional Friday-Saturday schedule. “But our springtime tradition of finding and staging terrific home-grown originals hasn’t changed,” says director Mary McDonald-Lewis. “We’ve got a great line-up for fans of first works.” Brad Bolchunos, “Preaching to Fish” by William Gregory, and “Delgado’s Mask” by Mark Saunders. Bob Martin, Mary McDonald-Lewis, and Wendy Wilcox direct.

The show includes Entering A Mindfield and The Scottish Client by John A. Donnelly, Little Moscow by Aleks Merilo, Our Song and The Gubmint by Mark Saunders, and Six Dead Bodies Duct-Taped to a Merry-go-Round by Lindsay Marianna Walker and Dawson L. Moore. The playwrights come from as far north as Alaska to the heart of Portland.

McDonald-Lewis says “As we read the many submissions, we became interested in pairs of plays by two writers, a co-written project, and a monologue.” Subject matter ranges from the troubled marriage of Macbeth, to the shock of intolerance, to “…well, dead bodies and duct tape. Something,” promises McDonald-Lewis, “for everyone.”

Cast includes Doren Elias, Curtis Hanson, Tabitha Knight, Eric Newsome and Tom Slater, among others.

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