RTR in Willamette Week

RTR in the Willamette Week

Readers Theatre Repertory finished the year 2002 with two plays about family in December. In attendance on Friday, December 13th was Kim Colton of the Willamette Week. The following Wednesday, December 18th, Kim featured a small article on RTR. The article is reprinted below:

Family Ties
by Kim Colton

Readers Theatre Repertory staged a reading of two on-act plays – Vivien, by the late playwright Percy Granger, and Haiku, by Katherine Snodgrass – this weekend to combat the lighthearted holiday madness that’s temporarily taken over by many of Portland’s theaters of late. Both plays explore issues of mental health within broken families and exhibited strong performances, particularly from the actors who play the mentally ill characters, David Meyers in Vivien and Shannon Brazil in Haiku. Despite an overly lit setting at the Blackfish Gallery, the gallery’s current show, A Blue Mouse, features artists Vicki Lynn Wilson and John Larsen’s various interpretations of children’s dreams, and provided a relevant psychotherapeutic background.

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