WHEN: Friday-Saturday, March 10 & 11
TIME: 8:00pm
WHERE: Blackfish Gallery, 420 NW 9th Ave, Portland Oregon 97209
HOW MUCH: $8.00
RESERVE: 971.266.3787,



“The past is never dead. It’s not even past,” wrote William Faulkner in Requiem for a Nun. At no time in world history has that been truer than today.

On March 10-11, Readers Theatre Rep examines the past and its connection to the present with Quietly, by Owen McCafferty, directed by Mary McDonald-Lewis. Themed The Past as Prologue, Quietly is set in a Belfast pub, two Irishmen and a Polish bartender play out a drama rooted deeply in the bloody Irish Troubles — specifically the afternoon of July 3, 1974. “This is the day that Ian and Jimmy date the before and after of their lives,” says McDonald-Lewis, “and now they stand on either side of that event for the first time since that time.”

“The Troubles showed us what happens when society fails,” she says, “and what happens after the hate fades.” Jimmy and Ian could be called walking wounded, yet with enough human hope left to reach out a tentative hand: half open, half fist. Quietly has a kind of stillness at its heart, says the director. “Two men meet, with a barkeep watching and filling drinks. They’re just talking. But by the end,” she says, “you’ll find you’ve been holding your breath the entire time.”

Set in the early 21st century about a time in the 20th, Quietly tells a story of today, and most certainly of tomorrow.

The cast includes Nathan Kornelis, Kevin Murphy, and Douglas Steven.

Shows start at 8PM and run about an hour. Admission is $8.00: the cheapest date night you can get this Valentine’s Day!

Reservations are strongly encouraged, and walk-ins should arrive by 7:30P. All reserved seats will be released to walk-ins at 7:55pm sharp.

For information and ticket reservations: 971.266.3787, or



Readers Theatre Repertory was founded in 2001 to tell “small stories with big ideas at their heart,” tales that alternately amuse, confront, assuage and inspire. Using one-act plays as the text, the company focuses on intimate human relationships to explore universal themes. Through these stories and through educational outreach and affordable ticket prices, RTR™ is committed to developing, expanding and diversifying Portland’s theatrical audiences. The company’s main stage season is at Blackfish Gallery™ in Portland’s Pearl District.

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One thought on “THE PAST AS PROLOGUE at RTR

  1. nancy says:

    I was introduced to both Brendan Behan and Reader’s Theatre last night, and will be a regular for now on. It was enchanting — like sitting around a living room with family and friends, listening to the local wit on the radio. The only thing missing was the Guinness! Eiran go bragh, Reader’s Repertory! Thank you!

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